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How did A Close Shave evolve into what we are today? Learn about our vision and get to know our story.

Visions and dreams

What do we want to accomplish?

At A Close Shave we want to help companies and organisations become the best version of themselves. We want to be your preferred partner when it comes to knowledge sharing, leadership, employee well-being and communication – internally and externally. Does that sound a little ambitious? We’ve learned through working closely with our clients that a holistic approach is often the most valuable. That’s why we make a point of immersing ourselves in our clients’ organisations and in the needs and challenges they face, whether strategical or operational. We approach problems and tasks with an eye for the big picture, and together with our clients we find the optimal solution. How can we support your goals?

Our main objective is to find out how we can help solve and support the problem you are facing through digital tools and initiatives. This could be through implementing better training, running internal campaigns focused on service or sales, or perhaps your social media is in need of a breath of fresh air to attract more customers? The solution to any problem usually involves a range of communicative tasks, both internal and external. Indeed, the success of a new initiative or change in a company is often entirely dependent on it being communicated properly, whether to customers or employees.

Meet us

Who are we?

We are a small team of dedicated individuals with very different backgrounds. What we have in common is that at some point in our careers we have been on the ground floor at a company similar to yours. It could be in a store, in a restaurant, as a facilitator, as an HR employee, as a salesperson or a purchaser. When we receive a new assignment, we put together the best qualified team to come up with the best solution for you.

Meet the team here

Where are we?

A Close Shave is a Danish agency based in Copenhagen. The vast majority of the team is based in Copenhagen and from here we have developed our organisation. Today we have satellite offices in both London and Berlin.

Find us here:


Nygade 4, 1., 1164 København K, Danmark


Protein Studios 31 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EY London, England


Belziger str. 69/71 DE-10823 Berlin, Germany

History and background

The story of A Close Shave

A Close Shave has been around since 2003 and has evolved organically over the years. Today, we have an impressive customer portfolio with clients in several industries, and we provide a variety of services and products. This is how it all started:

Robin Andersen (founder and CEO) came up with the idea for A Close Shave after several years working as a purchaser for one of Denmark’s major bookstore chains. He quickly realized that customer feedback was a great tool to sell more and increase customer satisfaction. It was during this time that Robin had his first experience with knowledge sharing: as a buyer for 100+ bookstores nationwide, he needed a place where news, information and experiences across locations could be shared between store employees, himself and the rest of the administration. Robin created a system that could organize the inventory of the many stores for easier management. A Close Shave was born with a bookstore chain as its first customer.

This was followed by a period of development and finetuning.

The first step towards Academy

The next big customer was Samsung, who approached us wanting to understand why their products were not selling as well as other comparable products in Denmark. Posing as mystery shoppers, A Close Shave found that the sales staff lacked knowledge, confidence and not least a passion for Samsung’s products. Thus, the first steps were taken towards creating the Academy platform which A Close Shave offers today: unifying the sales force on a single platform allowed for knowledge sharing and heightened product knowledge. Familiarity with the products increased, and so did sales.

A platform is born

All efforts were put into developing and selling the new platform format. Like the saying goes: you’ll fail 100% of the times you don’t try. 

A trip from Zealand to Jutland was made to initiate contact with Arriva. They politely declined, but ended up sending Robin on to FynBus, who in 2011 became the very first clients of the newly named Academy platform. The fact that FynBus are still active users of Academy shows that A Close Shave pours their heart and soul into relationship building. Sharing experiences and sparring with FynBus has helped to improve and tailor the platform so that it provides the best results for employee well-being and motivation, as well as for FynBus. 

Since then, Academy has been constantly evolving together with its customers, and has become a complete social platform for knowledge sharing, communication and e-learning.

Academy is blooming

Today, A Close Shave has a wide range of clients in Denmark and beyond, and we are proud to work with them. We continue to focus on close partnerships with our customers and on providing concrete solutions to specific problems – with Academy as our strongest weapon and supplemented by a fully loaded digital toolbox.

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