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Send targeted messages and make internal communications a walk in the park with a platform that lets employees have their say.

Vidensdeling og kommunikation

Concise communication – even when you’re busy

Effective communication is essential to resolve the challenges of everyday work life and to ensure that critical messages reach the right people in time. Many workplaces end up with a mix of social platforms to send messages and share documents. There’s just one problem: social media isn’t built for business. Those platforms don’t comply with European compliance laws (GDPR) and they blur the line between private and professional life.

On Academy, we've collected many of the features you know and love, ensuring your daily communication flow will never feel like an obstacle course. You get everything you need on one platform, easily accessible from any device.
Tools on Academy:

News feed
Calendar with signup
Direct messaging
SMS gateway

Document archive
Product datasheets
FAQ module

Whistleblower feature
Staff handbook

Razor-sharp communication

Cut through the noise

We are all constantly inundated with information, both in our private lives and when we go to work. In the digital age, more than ever, it’s essential that we as employees feel that the information reaching us is relevant, pertinent and useful. If it is not, we find it hard to stay focused and are more likely to feel that we are wasting our time.

Target your messages to the many or the few

With Academy, you can target your messages. Whether you’re sending out a newsletter, an event invitation or a product leaflet, it will be visible to the very employees it’s relevant to. That way, you avoid information becoming a distraction – your users need only see things addressed to them. 

Together, we’ll set up your platform with the appropriate employee groups, roles and tags needed to cut to the chase and communicate across even complex organisational structures.

"We're a diverse workplace, so it really matters that we have a good understanding of each other's work and that we have the opportunity to share our daily tasks with each other."

– Anne Sigvard, Education and Digitalisation Officer at Himmerland, 2021


Give your employees a voice

Traditionally, companies have had one-way communication from management out to employees. But when employee well-being and company culture are on the agenda, we can’t overlook the need for individual employees to be part of the conversation. 

Today, employees expect to be listened to and for their insights to be taken on board. Not just as a courtesy; tips and tricks from your employees can help make better use of latent knowledge and provide invaluable insights into operations. In other words – employees provide fresh perspectives, so two-way communication is win-win for both employer and employee.

We've made sure employees can always voice their opinions on Academy:

  • Tag, like, share and save all types of content and materials
  • Check in on employee morale, test out your summer party ideas or collect suggestions for product improvements and process optimization with polls and questionnaires
  • Share knowledge and start discussions in open or closed forums for large or small groups of employees
  • Everyone has a personal user profile where they can write about themselves and their skills, as well as share their dreams and goals for employment

Read more about Academy’s social community

Off to a good start

Welcome aboard new staff

Particularly when new staff start, the burden of information and knowledge is heavy. On Academy, you can easily structure onboarding to ensure that new employees get through core material quickly and settle in well. 

Organisations with well-functioning onboarding programmes boost their new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. Weak onboarding creates uncertainty and mistrust among new employees, who are more likely to leave within the first year.


Nothing says hello like:

Starter packs that introduce your company and the platform

Onboarding courses that structure important knowledge

Conversation and peer collaboration in-system from day one

How to get started

Want to boost training, elevate your internal communications and let your employees share their expertise? Then Academy is for you. Here’s our recipe for success:

  • Appoint a dedicated project manager

It’s no secret: New systems require resources to start up. So find a passionate member of your organisation to lead – someone who has both the overview and the expertise to get things done.

  • Think ‘why’ and we’ll handle the ‘how’

We’re systems experts and know all of Academy’s tricks. But you know your organisation’s needs and challenges. You’ll get the best results when Academy is a digital reflection of your organisation.

  • Be patient – and brave

Change takes time. Be prepared that it may take some time for all employees to get fully on board with your new platform. Don’t be afraid to help them on their way, for example by shutting down old, fragmented communication channels.

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