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Naturally, you want to onboard new employees as soon as possible and create space for ongoing skill development. With expertise and experience across disciplines, A Close Shave helps you create the best conditions for successful learning programmes.

of employees believe their workplace does not do a good enough job of onboarding new hires.
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boost to knowledge retention through e-learning compared to traditional learning.
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25-60 %
boost to knowledge retention through e-learning compared to traditional learning.

Sources: The Research Institute of America, Gallup, Learningbank

Practice and theory

Repetition promotes understanding and learning

Whatever skills we need to acquire, once is rarely enough. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Therefore, the cornerstone of our approach to learning is repetition and building a strong link between theory and practice. 

E-learning holds a special place in A Close Shave’s heart – although we’re equally happy to stand on a stage in front of an adoring crowd, should the need arise. Being able to access learning digitally; at home, at work or on the move, creates great flexibility and facilitates so-called just-in-time learning. I.e. gaining new knowledge when and to the extent that it needs to be applied. This anchors the new skill in a practical activity or real-world context and helps the brain to remember it for the next time. 

Digital training sessions are also easy to repeat – without the need to spend resources coordinating calendars or hiring an external teacher. Repeating training materials is the key to solid knowledge. That’s why we use Academy, a platform that automates repetition based on the Spaced Repetition principle.

Read more about it here

Our approach
Micro-learning that combines theory, practice, quizzes and repetition.
Progressive competence-building programmes for both new and experienced employees.
Engaging formats that alternate between image, text, video and user-generated content.
Pre-, on- and off-boarding

The right onboarding creates long-lasting results

The benefits of a thorough onboarding are many: it increases employee retention, frees up resources, ensures high quality and creates the best conditions for satisfied customers and a healthy bottom line. 

For onboarding to be successful, time and energy must be devoted to building processes that cover all bases. What do new employees need to know about your organisation, your working methods, your values, vision, mission and, not least, their day-to-day tasks in order to be a good match? It can be difficult to spot the essentials, especially from the inside. This is where A Close Shave can help you. We provide the building blocks for a successful onboarding process and can assist you in creating effective training materials.

Academy is our preferred platform for e-learning. See why here.

Why wait until the first day of work? Start onboarding as soon as the contract is signed

First impressions are crucial – even in the meeting between company and new employee. An organisation’s most important resources are staff and their experiences. That’s why, in addition to more traditional onboarding, we work with both pre- and offboarding.

Read about the value of Employee Experience.

Preboarding is everything that happens before the first day of work. Studies show that employees show more confidence and integrate into their new role faster if they are prepped before they show up for their first shift. With preboarding, you can establish trust and make new employees feel comfortable to complete the most basic aspects of their new work life as soon as they join your organisation. 

When employees are about to part ways with your organisation, it’s also important to leave a good impression. We can help structure an offboarding that provides the best end to your working relationship.

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