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Why should you work with A Close Shave?
We're a digital Swiss Army knife

Small team, big talent… and a penchant for pointy metaphors. We’re not lying when we say we’re as sharp as Japanese steel and can assist you with all things digital, thanks to a range of finely honed skills.

Our support is top notch

Our customers all have different needs, but a commonality is their busy schedules. So it makes no sense for them to wait around for answers. Luckily, our response time is typically within the hour, latest within 24 hours.

We push the limit

With us, action never falls far behind an idea… and we’ve got plenty of good ideas.

That’s why we always have new projects in the pipeline and we’re not afraid to go beyond our comfort zone. Go on, give us a challenge!

Vi skaber resultater
We provide structure

Whether you need help developing a strategy, managing your internal communications or evaluating your employees’ performance, we make the complex concrete – using Academy, the social knowledge platform.

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