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The ability to maintain focus is essential for any organisation with a mission. Since 2003, A Close Shave has ideated, executed and evaluated digital campaigns, as well as assisted a wide range of clients with content.


Create thumb-stopping content

Picture this: You’re scrolling through an endless stream of content, most of which doesn’t make much of an impression on you. How do you ensure that your own content won’t just be thumbed past? How do you create content that’s worth viewing and interacting with? 

Whether you’re communicating internally to your employees or producing social media content for your loyal customers, you probably recognise the challenge of getting people to stop and read.

At A Close Shave, we have the aesthetic, technical and written skills to create show-stopping content. We devise campaigns, run competitions and produce both high-quality copy and graphics.

This is what we know
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Internal engagement

Take your employees seriously

Often we see organisations prioritise external objectives and results, while internal communication lags behind. People would rather tell the outside world about their company than reinforce their vision internally. But according to the experts, internal communication is “the glue that holds an organisation together”. 

Ideally, companies should devote similar resources to content shared internally as to external content. And we don’t just mean it’s a good idea to proofread before sending out an email. No, internal content should reflect your brand, values and purpose just as much as any external content. Unfortunately, it’s rarely the case that communicative energy is evenly distributed.

That’s why A Close Shave specialises in internal communication, in knowledge sharing and in creating engaging content for internal use.

How we help with internal communication

Graphics and design
Content templates


Internal branding

Digital strategy that makes a difference

Take control and get your message across

While we have a strong bias towards internal communications, we’re no one trick pony. Often when you write a good article, produce a video or shoot new photos, they’re for external use too. We strive to always coordinate and produce content that can be used across our clients’ communication channels. We have helped both large and small companies step up their online game.

Today’s digital landscape demands a mix of images, text and video across multiple platforms. Social media is overflowing with content and you’ve got seconds to make an impression. Content that converts and generates leads requires targeted efforts and insight into the latest trends and developments.

Newsletters, Instagram, Facebook advertising, SEO optimisation and tracking. These are just a few of the elements you need to get right, in order for your digital presence to create value. 

At A Close Shave, we’re happy to facilitate, coordinate and plan your digital efforts to maximise impact and support your goals and strategies.

What it takes:
Tracking and analytics

Audience insights
Performance tracking
Website analysis
SEO optimization

Strategy & Planning

SoMe strategy
Content calendar
Brand Identity

Appealing content


"For a long time our goal has been to structure and target our external communications. Our collaboration with A Close Shave now gives us the overview and structure in our daily work which we had been missing, and that is a great relief for us."

Annegrethe Williams, Institute Director,
Danish NLP Institute CPH

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