Our team of specialist consultants have got you covered. We are particularly skilled in...

Digital employee training can save resources, increase knowledge retention and ensure high customer satisfaction. If it's done right.
Onboarding and e-learning

We’ll help you shape your employee training programmes so they’re not too short, not too long and maybe even end with a reward.

A Close Shave is not a traditional digital agency, but we have all the tools to create top notch agency work.
Content and campaigns

With us, you get writing that’s both reader- and search engine friendly, easy to understand and also pleasing on the eyes. We can deliver stand-alone content, offer fixed formats or put together campaign packages.

Successes should be celebrated. Problems should be solved. And knowledge, it should be shared. Sharing knowledge is at the heart of our work.
Knowledge sharing

That’s why we’re fully invested in the benefits of having communication flow across an organisation, as well as from the floor up to management. We’re adept at sharing our own knowledge, whether at networking meetings, in a webinar or over coffee.

Justice must be done. With Whistle Advisor, you get both an easy and safe whistleblower system as well as a legal advisor and sparring partner.

We out a healthy and safe working environment at the heart of everything we do. This includes the right of employees to safely report wrongdoing and critical behaviour without fear of facing consequences. We can help you implement a whistleblower system, handle the reports and provide legal advice. 

Our satisfied clients include:
How we work with you
Curious about what working with A Close Shave could look like? No two projects are ever the same, but our approach always is.


Matching expectations is the key to successful collaboration. We want to make sure we're a good match before we even get started. That's why we always spend the first few meetings with you identifying your needs and getting to know each other.


As our client, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will lay out a plan for the joint process. A well-thought-out plan gives you peace of mind and means you never have to worry about the next steps.


We pride ourselves in delivering high quality, quickly. Our setup is agile, which is why we always meet you with great flexibility. We know that life can throw a curveball, so we understand the importance of making space for adjustments as we go.


Some agencies end a job as soon as the product is handed over. We don't. We see implementation as crucial and help to ensure the project is well received and fine-tuned to fit your needs like a glove.


Analysis, evaluation and sparring play a major role in our work – your organisation is, after all, constantly evolving. Through long-term collaborations, we get to know our clients so we can seamlessly navigate between the big picture and the smallest details.

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