Knowledge sharing keep us at the top of our game, and ensures high service levels for our clients

A successful business partnership is a lot like a healthy relationship: open and honest communication helps to avoid conflict and build long-term trust.

Knowledge sharing, what is it?

There are many ways to share knowledge – do you know what works best?

Humans are social creatures. We thrive best in environments where we can mirror others, share experiences and vent about the good and bad that happens in everyday life. When we talk about knowledge sharing in A Close Shave, social small talk around the coffee machine is a big part of the equation. We believe it’s essential for employees to engage in informal communities. Especially in distributed workplaces, where you don’t physically see your colleagues, it’s important to create a healthy digital culture. 

Knowledge sharing is also about the many expert exchanges that take place between colleagues and between organisational layers, ensuring high quality and job satisfaction. Peer-to-peer learning, Train the Trainer activities, onboarding, continual education, as well as kick off events and Town Hall meetings are all examples of organisational knowledge sharing. 

Ensuring the success of your knowledge sharing efforts requires a strategic approach. A Close Shave can help you identify needs and implement best practices.

Historical milestones
The University of London offers the first distance learning programme, the External Programme
Sidney Pressey invents The Teaching Machine, an early version of an LMS
Apple launches their first iPhone, making smartphones mainstream and securing internet access on the go
Remote communities

Digital knowledge sharing is flexible and scalable

It is not always possible or practical to bring the entire workforce together in the same space. A virtual knowledge sharing platform provides the flexibility for your employees to participate remotely and access materials at their convenience. When knowledge is permanently housed on a digital platform, it only needs to be disseminated once, and then it can be accessed again and again. This makes your knowledge scalable and resource efficient.

Free access to information is inextricably linked to the utopia of the internet, so it makes sense that social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Slack have achieved global user bases. However, for the more closed communities – workplaces, associations or franchises – a network is needed that does not distract and allows higher levels of focus and compliance.

We recommend the social knowledge-sharing platform Academy, a white-label solution you can make your very own.
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Remember to highlight employee expertise

Knowledge sharing is not just about communicating practical information from head office to your employees. On the contrary, knowledge sharing between employees is a goldmine and an area where enthusiasts and ambassadors are allowed to shine. In an LXP (Learning Experience Platform), user-generated content is essential, as it makes learning relevant and continuous. Allow everyone to contribute knowledge – your HR and L&D departments will thank you.

Knowledge flowing from customer-facing employees to management is equally important. Create a forum to air questions and frustrations and remember to highlight your successes and share funny anecdotes. Everything from a good sales pitch to a great product display can and should be shared – as inspiration and a motivational boost.

How we support you
Email response guaranteed within 24 hours, so you can get rid of your problems quickly
Networking meetings several times a year to share knowledge within and between sectors
Ongoing sparring and evaluation to strengthen our partnership
At A Close Shave

We practice what we preach

We have employees in three countries: Denmark, the UK and Germany. Digital knowledge sharing is therefore essential to ensure we are all on the same wavelength and working towards a common goal. Every morning at A Close Shave, we meet on a video call to check in with each other and assign the day’s to-dos. Every Friday we have breakfast together and reflect on the past week. This is how we ensure cohesion and strong skills. 

Competence building is a priority for us. That is why we continually upgrade our knowledge with webinars, courses and further education. In addition, we get together at least once a month for a Team Day, where we dedicate a whole day to strategy and new developments. With an open approach to the world and our customers’ needs, we never stand still. Knowledge is power and we are ready to seize it.

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