A Close Shave enters whistleblower partnership with LegalTech Denmark

9. januar 2023

In less than a year, it will be mandatory for Danish companies with more than 50 employees to establish a whistleblower system. A Close Shave has teamed up with LegalTech Denmark to provide a platform that makes it easy and convenient for companies to meet the legal requirements for a whistleblower platform. 

Legally required to establish a whistleblower system

On June 24th 2021, the Danish Parliament passed a law on the protection of whistleblowers. It obliges both public and private companies with 50 employees or more to implement an internal whistleblower system by December 17th 2023. 

At A Close Shave, we prioritize a healthy and safe work environment. This includes everything from internal communication to employee development and motivation, but also the right to report violations of law as an employee, without any fear of losing your job or being blacklisted at work.  

Therefore, we have entered into a partnership with LegalTech Denmark. As a result, we now offer the platform Whistle Advisor, which processes and manages reports of violations of law – or suspicions thereof – in the workplace. This can include sexual harassment, fraud, breaches of guidelines and much more.

What is Whistle Advisor?

Whistle Advisor is an online platform for reporting and managing wrongdoing. The platform enables your employees and stakeholders to report everything from illegal acts to inappropriate behavior anonymously. The platform handles all reports securely and encrypted, and only the impartial people appointed to handle respors can access them. 

With Whistle Advisor, you are guaranteed 100% anonymity without compromising on the processing of reports. The system’s chat function allows you to have a dialogue with the whistleblower without compromising his og her anonymity, so you can put a stop to critical or illegal behavior before it has serious consequences. 

What is a whistleblower system and what does it mean to your company?

Do you need legal assistance?

At A Close Shave we don’t just offer the Whistle Advisor platform. We also provide legal assistance to help your company process compliance and make decisions. 

With Whistle Advisor in place, you don’t need to point out one person or department with legal expertise to monitor, follow up and decide on the reported cases. Our Data Protection Officer, Jesper Green, who is a trained lawyer specialised in whistleblower law, can manage this for you, for example in cooperation with your HR department. 

By choosing our Whistleblower solution, Jesper Green is available to handle the reports, follow them through and make the right decision. This ensures that your company complies with the requirements of the Danish Whistleblower Directive and that the reports are dealt with in accordance to the letter of the law. 

Would you like Jesper Green to help you and your company? Contact us now. 

Does your company use the Academy platform?

If your company uses our communication platform Academy, it is possible to integrate access to Whistle Advisor directly from here. This way, the whistleblower system can be easily found where other communication takes place. To maintain 100% anonymity, there is no exchange of data between Academy and Whistle Advisor. 

Do you need help establishing a whistleblower system?

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