FynBus improves employee development and customer service

How does a public transport company optimise its customer service, reduce customer complaints and engage in dialogue with bus drivers? Step inside the world of transportation and hear how FynBus managed to create impressive results by implementing Academy as their communication platform.

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1. Background and motivation

Destination: better bus journeys

FynBus is responsible for planning bus services in the Region of Southern Denmark and the nine municipalities of Funen and Langeland. They also coordinate flextrafik, which includes student and medical transport as well as transport for people with reduced mobility.

Being a bus driver can be a lonely job. FynBus knows this, which is why they wanted to create a forum for drivers. A place where they could meet and cultivate a community alongside their colleagues. A place to share stories from the roads, warn about traffic reports and ask each other for advice. After all, happy bus drivers would also ensure heightened motivation and improved customer service. 

Realising that the bus driver is the one who paves the way for the passenger’s service experience, is what ignited the idea for an internal communication platform. A platform that could ensure communication, training and a high level of knowledge within the organisation. FynBus needed a knowledge portal for the benefit of management, administration and bus drivers.

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2. Solution

A platform on the go

FynBus had a new strategy to attract more passengers in the public bus service, and communication was crucial. The solution was an Academy platform. Their Academy platform hosts around 950 drivers who actively interact with each other and management on a daily basis.

News stream and e-learning through certifications
Dialogue-oriented platform for drivers and management
Driver-involvement when there are changes and new initiatives
"Three months after we introduced the Academy system to our drivers, driver-related customer complaints had dropped by 50%."

– Uffe Tokehøj, former Operations Manager, FynBus

3. benefits and results

Getting drivers involved

With the Academy platform, FynBus has created an engaging dialogue across the whole organisation and ensured that drivers’ knowledge of current products is up to date at all times. At the same time, they know that drivers carry around a wealth of knowledge, experience and good ideas, as they are the ones on the road after all. FynBus are now able to involve drivers in changes and new initiatives.

The implementation of the Academy platform quickly produced results. Just three months after implementation:

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Customer complaints related to the bus driver decreased by 50%
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Customer satisfaction at FynBus increased by 24%

Furthermore, FynBus won Forbrugerrådet Tænk’s Passenger Pulse Customer Service Award in 2015.

When bus drivers need training in everything from ticket types to travel rules, it’s all done online on FynBus’ Academy platform. This provides drivers the opportunity to keep their knowledge up to date anytime, anywhere. Drivers are informed and involved in day-to-day operations through dialogue from management. Here they have the opportunity to report capacity problems, errors with ticketing products or driving time challenges, for example. FynBus is therefore able to address issues quickly and efficiently for the benefit of both drivers and passengers. At the same time, it ensures knowledge sharing between drivers.

How to get started

Want to boost training, elevate your internal communications and let your employees share their expertise? Then Academy is for you. Here’s our recipe for success:

  • Appoint a dedicated project manager

It’s no secret: New systems require resources to start up. So find a passionate member of your organisation to lead – someone who has both the overview and the expertise to get things done.

  • Think ‘why’ and we’ll handle the ‘how’

We’re systems experts and know all of Academy’s tricks. But you know your organisation’s needs and challenges. You’ll get the best results when Academy is a digital reflection of your organisation.

  • Be patient – and brave

Change takes time. Be prepared that it may take some time for all employees to get fully on board with your new platform. Don’t be afraid to help them on their way, for example by shutting down old, fragmented communication channels.

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