Motivate employees with Achievements

We continuously develop new features on Academy, ensuring the exchange of knowledge and build-up of motivation. Our starting point for new features is always data, scientific theories and human nature. One of these features, which we now use on all Academy systems, is Achievements.
Reward with badges

Achievements are badges, which users can achieve by fulfilling certain demands. Achievements can be achieved by i.e. logging in x days in a row or reading x number of news posts. Achievements can also be applied to specific suppliers: users can earn a badge which recognizes their knowledge on a specific product, brand or area – this way users become Ambassadors for a specific brand or supplier. To achieve such a badge, the user typically has to have read the five most recent news posts and have completed the three most recent certifications. Continuously.


On Academy everyone can see which digital trophies everyone else have achieved, and it motivates the user to do the same.

An Achievement does not last forever, it will disappear if a users has stopped keeping up to date on the chosen areas. This way Achievements ensure that users keep repeating important information and new inputs, i.e. on a specific supplier.

How do Achievements work?

The Achievement feature reaches a very basic tendency in us humans. We seek recognition. Especially from people we identify with, like colleagues.

Achievements are an integrated part of Academy, which means that everyone can see which Achievements everyone else have achieved. This motivates users to do the same. The theory behind this is called Social Proof and can be seen on other social media, like Facebook. When several others achieve a badge, you will try to do the same, because nobody wants to be the odd one out.

The system monitors each user and knows when each user needs to refresh information and repeat certifications. Here Achievements will notify a user when the user is in danger of losing their badge – this way the information is repeated and thus remembered.

Achievements help ensure the employees' knowledge is on point when it comes to specific work areas or products.

Academy can, with Achievements and other features, ‘nudge’ peoples behaviour. With a solid knowledge on our social human nature, we know how people will react to certain stimulations, and we can guarantee that employees will shine on certain areas or products by working with their social nature instead of against it.

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