Optimise your most important resource: your employees

Your most important resource is your employees. So it’s extremely important that they always do their best and are motivated and happy. Use Academy to increase quality and strengthen culture.

With Academy management can easily get on overview of which employees need some support and who’s ready for a promotion.

The best way to optimise your staff management is by having a solid overview and adressing issues in time – both when there’s a need for help or support and when someone needs more challenges. In both cases a lack of infight could mean a resignation or layoff which could have been avoided.

Engagement score

With the Engagement Score on Academy the company gets infight into the employee’s possibilities and challenges. Each employee and each venue or unit’s activities are given a score, which can be valued as either low, medium or high.

A high engagement score is a great starting point about further education or development, and some even use it for salary negotiations.

An employee with a low score will often indicate that this person isn’t engaged in their work and isn’t happy at the work place. This can both be due to a need of assistance or training or because the employee lacks challenges and finds it all too easy. We always recommend that a low score is followed by an in-person interview, so this can be addressed quickly – this way you can prevent an unnessecary change in employees and larger issues can be caught before they arise.

A high score, on the other hand, shows that an employee or unit are deeply engaged and are experts within their area. This is a great starting point for a talk about further education or development, and some even use it for salary negotiations.

Use data to measure employee motivation

But it’s not only the Engagement Score which can be used as a tool by management. Academy collects statistics on all training courses and interactions on the system. Academy shows data on many different levels and provides the company with valuable tools for management, HR and developing the work place.

A high work moral is an important factor for how well an employee will perform, and a high moral is brought about by feeling like part of the team, to feel confident with work assignments and knowing the career opportunities that are available.

We are here to help

Academy is a strong tool for managing and optimising and we’re here to help our clients use it in the best possible way. Marie Dørge is our Customer Success Manager, and she has a background as Manager in the restaurant industry. She has worked with Academy as a customer and knows all about how Academy can be used in practice to retain, optimize, motivate and train employees. 

If you want know more about how Academy can help your company with employee management and optimisation, or if you already have an Academy system and want to get even better at using it’s many features, get in touch with Marie at marie.dorge@acloseshave.com.

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