Bring employees aboard with onboarding

Academy develops new features and possibilities all the time. These features improve the system and the user experience. Some features deserve a little more attention than others though, which is why we want to introduce: Onboarding. It is more efficient than waterboarding and more pleasant, we promise. Onboarding is our new educational course, which our clients can create on their Academy-systems.
Modular onboarding programmes

With Onboarding, Academy also becomes your platform to onboard, train, and develop your employees. Using Onboarding, new employees can be trained in fundamental knowledge, key products and procedures before they are let loose at the work place. Managers can follow their progress step by step and see how employees fare on the course.

An Onboarding course is build using different modules on the system, and activities in the real world. The course can be separated into different parts with different deadlines on each part, as required. Onboarding is so flexible, that educating new staff isn’t the only possibility: vocational training, leader courses, add-on courses on specific brands and much more is possible with Onboarding on Academy.

Onboarding on Academy can be used for more than just training and educating new employees. Further education of managers, courses in specific brands and much more can also be done.

Our customers onboard with Academy

At MASH all employees already have to complete a basic Onboarding course which contains certifications on the menu, reading up on relevant information, along with courses on safety and service in the restaurant. When employees have completed a course, this will be evident on their profile, and HR can quickly see statistics on who has completed the course and who needs a little push.

On Indeks Retail’s Academy-platform, Onboarding is used to inform book sellers on specific campaigns and educate them on certain areas, i.e. reading for kids.

The Onboarding module on Academy:
  • Onboarding new employees  
  • Training both managers and employees 
  • Courses in specific brands and products 
  • Training in campaigns, menu changes, etc. 

With Onboarding Academy has developed another tool to guarantee educated, motivated and confident employees who will raise the baseline and create results – across industries and products.

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