MASH ensures high quality and brand recognition

A restaurant chain needs consistency and the same high quality across venues. The ability to communicate quickly and effectively is key – Academy facilitates this. Additionally, effective marketing is essential for a restaurant's success. A Close Shave takes care of this through social media and newsletters. Join us on the MASH journey and see how we've pulled it all together.

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1. Background and motivation

Professionalism and quality across the board

MASH is a chain of 9 restaurants under the company Copenhagen Concepts. The chain operates on the Danish and German market with about 350 employees. In the restaurant business, there is a lot of information that needs to be communicated quickly and directly to all employees. There are a multitude of products that need to be learned by heart and all procedures must be consistent. Promotions and menu changes happen frequently, and this places demands on communication to ensure that everyone is informed and ready to meet guests.   

By entrusting the communication tasks to A Close Shave, MASH could focus on great taste experiences and providing a sublime service. This became the starting point for a close collaboration, where we now handle all MASH communication – both for internal and external use. We have also implemented the social knowledge sharing platform Academy, which ensures ongoing training and Top of Mind when new initiatives are launched.

Read more about MASH on their website

2. Solution and collaboration

Holistic approach

MASH is constantly evolving. The menu changes, suppliers come and go, and the gastro scene offers campaigns and initiatives such as Dinner Days. At MASH, the desire to be current and relevant is therefore a key competitive parameter, both in terms of attracting guests and staff. To be at the forefront of this requires coordinated marketing, procurement and operations to ensure the success of campaigns. It is precisely this synergy that makes for a great guest experience – every time – and makes staff’s working day feel like a breeze.

At MASH, we ensure that all new initiatives are communicated as part of a holistic campaign, directed internally on the Academy platform and externally through social media, blog posts on the MASH website and newsletters.

What we do for MASH includes:

  • SoMe strategy and content

  • Newsletters and campaign strategy

  • Website design and maintenance

See our work on MASH’s Instagram

With Academy in our back pocket, we ensure top notch restaurant quality

In a restaurant, information needs to be provided quickly and accurately to employees, and it needs to be easily accessible. While learning new procedures, employees must maintain their professionalism and provide excellent customer experiences. That was the challenge MASH knew they faced. They needed a place where they could bring staff together, train them, communicate and share knowledge.

Product knowledge and procedures
Onboarding and menu information
Daily communication and management
"When you walk into one of our restaurants, you should expect service that is above and beyond the ordinary. We strive for it to match the quality of our meat, and there is nothing better on the market. Top notch service requires detailed product knowledge, and Academy makes sure our employees have that."

– Erik Gemal Witting, Operational Director, MASH

3. benefits and results

Visible and strengthened branding

When MASH is faced with a menu change, staff are trained in the dishes on the Academy platform first. Of course, the new menu must also be promoted externally – it is essential that the brand is visible and strong. 

That’s why we’re in charge of sending out newsletters and creating blog posts on the MASH website. We’re also in charge of MASH’s SoMe, from strategy, design, content creation and publication. We create promotional work for holidays and new menus, which unites the use of the Academy, the website and social media.

SoMe strategy
Strengthens the brand and ensures that MASH reaches its set goals
Content plan
Supports strategy and ensures MASH is visible on social media
Creates Top of Mind and heightened interest from loyal guests

Communication and training in one place

Internal communication takes place on the Academy platform. MASH Academy is where employees from Denmark and Germany can share knowledge across borders and positions. Here, all employees can train their knowledge about the great meat, the good wines and how to create an incomparable experience for the guests. This ensures that employees have the necessary knowledge to provide the best service and makes them confident and motivated in their work.  

When the menu changes, staff are trained in the new dishes well in advance and kitchen staff can watch videos on how to prepare and serve the dishes. This ensures consistency throughout. At the same time, MASH suppliers have the opportunity to learn about cattle and meat types, while HR can certify servers in conflict management. It all happens in one place.

Academy ensures consistency, community, quality and high level of knowledge
Training and onboarding that guarantees excellence for new and old
Promotional material that tells about new dishes, new products and new suppliers
"Both the kitchen and floor staff prepare with text and video about cooking methods and ingredients in an easy and interesting way. Managers can see if their staff have got to grips with the material, and learn more themselves, for example by reading up on HR law issues, which are only available to restaurant managers on the system."

– Erik Gemal Witting, Operational Director, MASH

All this allows MASH to focus on what they do best, while making sure that the important marketing is not neglected. Oh, and did we mention that we also designed and run MASHs website? We’re not kidding, when we say we’re full-service.

How to get started

Want to boost training, elevate your internal communications and let your employees share their expertise? Then Academy is for you. Here’s our recipe for success:

  • Appoint a dedicated project manager

It’s no secret: New systems require resources to start up. So find a passionate member of your organisation to lead – someone who has both the overview and the expertise to get things done.

  • Think ‘why’ and we’ll handle the ‘how’

We’re systems experts and know all of Academy’s tricks. But you know your organisation’s needs and challenges. You’ll get the best results when Academy is a digital reflection of your organisation.

  • Be patient – and brave

Change takes time. Be prepared that it may take some time for all employees to get fully on board with your new platform. Don’t be afraid to help them on their way, for example by shutting down old, fragmented communication channels.

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