HiFi Klubben unites and lifts the entire organisation

One chain, over 95 shops spread across five countries. See how Academy has brought HiFi Klubben's employees together in a digital community where passion and expertise reigns supreme.

1. Background and motivation

The desire for a unified, strengthened organisation

HiFi Klubben is a chain of electronics stores that have made themselves experts in image and sound. The company was founded in 1980, has around 700 employees with locations in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Germany. 

Sound and image is what it’s all about at HiFi Klubben. They are market specialists and their employees should reflect that – both in terms of product knowledge and customer service levels. 

HiFi Klubben therefore had a clear wish: They needed a communication platform that could bring their employees together across borders. A platform that would allow the passion for the audio universe to flow and would ensure specialized knowledge sharing. They also needed a platform to motivate employees; a place where employees felt safe and confident in their jobs because they have the necessary knowledge.

You can read more about HiFi Klubben on their website

2. Solution

A platform for training and employee motivation

Together with HiFi Klubben, we have implemented training, knowledge sharing and education for employees across the organisation. We have done this with the Academy platform.

On HiFi Klubben’s Academy, all employees help each other, whether they work at the head office or in a store. This eliminates time-consuming and unnecessary bottlenecks and strengthens daily knowledge sharing.

Campaigns, new launches and product knowledge have become an integral part of employees’ everyday lives at HiFi Klubben. Knowledge becomes actionable when marketing announces campaigns and they are immediately followed up with information, training and preparation. HiFi Klubben’s Academy system ensures this, as all communication and information is brought together on one platform. 

Detailed product knowledge
Top of Mind on sales campaigns
Specialised knowledge sharing
"At HiFi Klubben we have tried most types of online training and communication tools available. But we've never tried any other system that was as engaging and motivating for employees as the Academy system has proven to be."

– Christoffer Arensbach, CEO, HiFi Klubben

3. benefits and results

A meeting place for all

HiFi Klubben’s need? A place where communication could flow easily and efficiently between management and employees. It was essential that management could reach all employees directly, and that employees had the opportunity to ask questions, help each other and share tips and tricks. 

Our solution on Academy: Employees share their experiences and advice daily in the forum, where everyone can contribute and join the conversation. Here, everything from the smallest component in an amplifier to how to give customers the best possible service experience is debated. Audiophile employees have been given a meeting place for their passion, and more focus has been put on developing the good advice to customers that HiFi Klubben is known for.

A digital platform to strengthen the culture and ensure good customer service
Onboarding and training to promote knowledge of products and current promotions
Peer-to-peer problem solving to benefit both management and staff

How to get started

Want to boost training, elevate your internal communications and let your employees share their expertise? Then Academy is for you. Here’s our recipe for success:

  • Appoint a dedicated project manager

It’s no secret: New systems require resources to start up. So find a passionate member of your organisation to lead – someone who has both the overview and the expertise to get things done.

  • Think ‘why’ and we’ll handle the ‘how’

We’re systems experts and know all of Academy’s tricks. But you know your organisation’s needs and challenges. You’ll get the best results when Academy is a digital reflection of your organisation.

  • Be patient – and brave

Change takes time. Be prepared that it may take some time for all employees to get fully on board with your new platform. Don’t be afraid to help them on their way, for example by shutting down old, fragmented communication channels.

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