Why it’s worth your while to think about Top of Mind

Top of Mind is a term known within the realm of ‘brand awareness’. Marketing Executives often throw this term about, but what does it actually mean, and why is it important?

What does Top of Mind mean?

Top of Mind is essentially about the concept that people will think about a certain brand or product when presented with a product group. If you ask a random person to think about a smartphone, they’ll often mention an iPhone. They do this because Apple has Top of Mind status for these people. Apple has invested big in creating this association and it exists for a majority of consumers. This means people associate smartphones directly with Apple, and will most likely enter an Apple store next time they need to purchase a new smartphone.

Top of Mind is essentially about the concept that people will think about a certain brand or product when presented with a product group.

So Top of Mind means that people are more aware of certain specific products or brands, which is the goal for all manufacturers and companies. When a manufacturer ‘owns’ consumers’ consciousness in this way, it invariably has a positive effect on turnover.

Company culture is also what determines whether an employee feels comfortable reporting sexual harassment to their manager, whether new hires are properly groomed for the job, and whether all of the company’s revenue is drunk up at the weekly Friday bar.

What is Top of Mind among your employees?

Top of Mind doesn’t just concern consumers. It is also highly relevant for employees. If a costumer enquires about a good speaker in a HiFi Klubben store, and the employee has B&O as Top of Mind, then these are the products that will be presented to the costumer first (if they match the costumers needs, of course, they know about these things at HiFi Klubben).

Top of Mind is worth a lot – and if you can ensure that your employees have specific products, brands or goals as Top of Mind, then the sales of these will rise, benefiting both you, the supplier and the employees themselves.

How do you ensure Top of Mind among your employees?

If we return to the case of Apple, they have used millions on targeted marketing, large-scale campaigns and on branding themselves through years. But Top of Mind doesn’t have to break the bank.

How to ensure Top of Mind with Academy:

  • Targeted campaigns
  • Gamification
  • Good and efficient information flow 

With Academy we can ensure Top of Mind for your employees on selected subjects, services or products. With targeted campaigns, gamification and a succesful information flow, your employees can be trained and focused to achieve Top of Mind.

Case: Increased sale of San Pellegrino at MASH

In 2016, MASH Steakhouse made an agreement with their supplier, San Pellegrino, to increase sales on their mineral water. MASH used Academy to ensure Top of Mind amongst employees, and within a month the sales on San Pellegrino increased with 40%.

We organised a sales competition on Academy, supported by relevant certifications on San Pellegrino and sales techniques. With gamification and the social pull on the system, employees were quickly informed. This resulted in a noticeable rise in sales on San Pellegrino water and that San Pellegrino as brand achieved Top of Mind.

Case: Increased market share for Samsung at Telia

When selling products through a reseller, who has many suppliers, Top of Mind is essential. This was also the case for Samsung, who needed to boost their products in Telia stores across Denmark.

By training Telia employees in USP’s (Unique Selling Points) and preparing them for upcoming campaigns on Academy, we increased the brand awareness for Samsung amongst employees with 128%. This also have Samsung an increase in market shares in Telia of 360%.

Want to learn more?

Top of Mind makes a difference, and luckily we have years of experience in custom campagins which guarantee this focus on Academy. Get in touch if you want to learn more about Top of Mind – or rather, if you want to use it.

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