Let suppliers motivate your employees directly

Does your company sell or use products or services from one or more suppliers? Then this article is for you. Your suppliers can motivate and train your employees on the Academy Platform.
Communication directly from supplier to employee

When your employees resell products or use external services, it’s extremely important that the employees have knowledge pertaining to both the supplier and their products. This is where Academy enters the scene.

Academy is a knowledge sharing platform with a focus on training and motivating employees. Academy helps your employees learn more about the services, USP’s and product information essential for selling the suppliers products.

“Our suppliers now have a great opportunity to communicate product information and campaigns directly to the many employees in our stores. MitIR has become an important tool, for us as a head office, for our suppliers and for our stores, who use the system every day.”

– Anders Dahl Iversen, Market Manager, Indeks Retail A/S

Academy provides your company with the option of giving your suppliers access to communicate directly to the employees. The suppliers can upload training courses, news posts and product information to the system, and you can choose wether the content should be reviewed by you first, or if the supplier should have direct access. The supplier will also have access to statistics regarding views and completed courses, so they can keep track of the employees engagement with their content.

A Close Shave is a close partner to the suppliers and we are happy to help produce training material and give advice on how to best motivate and train employees.

Digital platform with suppliers as co-signatories

Your company can use this opportunity to give suppliers a rare chance to communicate directly with the employees and make sure they are ready to sell their products. By giving a supplier access to Academy, your company can completely or partly finance the Academy system, while having the suppliers contribute to a dynamic flow of information and knowledge, benefitting both the company, the supplier and the employees.

It is possible to create different types of subscriptions for your suppliers, depending on which and how much content they want to contribute to Academy. With supplier access you can strengthen the relation between supplier and employees, while lifting both sales and the employees knowledge, together.

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