The Whistle Advisor platform ensures an easy, safe and secure whistleblower system

At A Close Shave, we put a healthy and safe work environment at the centre. The environment can be supported and enhanced by the company's daily internal communication and employee training, in which we are experts. But what about when it comes to more sensitive matters that need to be handled with special care?

In Denmark, the EU Whistleblower Directive has been adapted by lad, obliging companies to establish a whistleblower system. By this is meant specific communication channels and procedures for reporting and following up on critical behaviour or legal violations in your company.

What is a whistleblower system and what does it mean for your business? 

A Close Shave has teamed up with LegalTech Denmark, which means that we can now offer the Whistle Advisor platform for just this purpose. Whistle Advisor is an online platform for handling and managing complaints about offenses (or suspected offenses) in the workplace; including sexual offenses, financial fraud or health and safety violations.

Why has A Close Shave chosen the Whistle Advisor platform?

With Whistle Advisor, LegalTech Denmark has developed a solution that contains all the elements needed to establish a whistleblower system in accordance with applicable regulations. The following features were important to us in our decision to partner with LegalTech Denmark: 

  • Whistle Advisor complies with all applicable legal requirements, ensuring that our clients meet their obligations as an employer. 
  • The platform can be customized with your own logo, so your employees can feel confident using the platform.
  • The platform has a user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed from mobile.
  • The platform ensures visibility for the people in your company who process the reports – including the impartial third party.
  • Smooth handling process for the whistleblower, who can remain anonymous in the dialogue with the whistleblower unit.
  • Both written and oral reports are possible, with audio transcribed to ensure anonymity. 
  • Instructions for use and link to Whistle Advisor can be easily integrated on your Academy platform.

You can read even more about Whistle Advisor here.

Do you need help managing your reports?

A Close Shave is pleased to provide support and legal advice in connection with the processing of reports through Whistle Advisor. Read more about the cooperation with LegalTech and about our legal advisor, Jesper Green, here. 

What does Whistle Advisor cost?

year license: 8.000 DKK excl. VAT
year license: 12.000 DKK excl. VAT
year license: 16.000 DKK excl. VAT

The price is set and does not vary according to the number of users, reports, or similar. 

The Whistle Advisor platform...

  • allows both written and verbal reports
  • ensures a smooth processing operation
  • complies with applicable legal requirements
  • ensures that you comply with your obligations as an employer
  • ensures overview
  • has a user-friendly interface
  • can be customized with your own logo
  • can be easily integrated with your Academy platform
Searching for a manageable and secure whistleblower system?
We are in compliance with applicable legislation. Contact us for a non-binding meeting about how we can help you with with legal advice and your whistleblower system.
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