A Close Shave, now in London

April 2019

Academy has been an international system with users all over the world for a while. Now, we’ve taken the next logical step and opened an office in London.

Multi-lingual communication platform

Our first international endeavors, first with HiFi Klubben and then with MASH Steakhouse paved the way for a multi-lingual Academy. Today Academy speaks both Danish, English, German and Chinese. With several international clients and still more languages we’re now ready to expand our client list further. 

With Academy, companies can strengthen the internal communications, train and motivate employees and ensure knowledge sharing across the layers of the company. The system also makes it easy to onboard new employees with custom made courses. 

Involve and optimise your most important resource: the employees

Academy is the best tool to ensure a high level of knowledge and effective communication between the layers and units of the company. Our clients use the system to communicate and involve their employees in strategic developments, current projects and campaigns, like menu changes. 


Training and e-learning

With Academy, you get an onboarding module that meets your needs. 

Knowledge sharing and communication

You can easily send messages and target news and content directly to the right employees.  

User data and HR tools

You get a quick overview of your employees, their training, engagement, etc.

Create consistency across borders

From our close work with international restaurant chains we know that it can be difficult to ensure uniformity across borders. It can also be tricky to get information out to everyone, so all staff feels informed and motivated, when the head office is hundreds of miles away. With Academy the distance from management to floor, and from kitchen to cleaning, is shortened – no matter which country, the floor is located in.

If your company wants to ensure the continuous development and training of your employees, please contact us for a no-obligation presentation of the system. Whether you’re in the UK, Denmark, Germany or anywhere else on the map – we haven’t reached other planets yet, but we’ll let you know when we do.

Find us in London

In London, our Branch Manager, Mette Skovdal, is ready to welcome companies – English, Danish and all other nationalities. If you need help with onboarding, training or motivating employees, we’re ready with the tool of them all: Academy. 




DK: +45 50 72 51 04 / UK: +44 (0) 7895 312622

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