A Close Shave opens in Berlin

February 2020

It was only a matter of time before we continued our expansion. A Close Shave now has offices in Copenhagen, London and our newest addition: Berlin!

A unifying communication platform

Academy has long been a system which united employees, stores and restaurants across country borders. The system has existed in German since 2017 – when the German colleagues at MASH Steakhouse got access to their international Academy system. So it’s about time our German office opened its doors.

In Berlin you can find our Project Manager, Marie, who is ready to welcome both German, Danish, and companies of any other nationality. If you need help with onboarding, training or motivating staff in Germany, we’re ready with the tool above them all: Academy.




DK: +45 20 83 53 44
DE: +49 151 449 26 144

Quality assurance all around

In this global world it’s important to ensure that all employees have the right information, that the company can ensure uniformity, and that clients and costumers will experience the same excellent level of service, no matter where they encounter the company, at home or abroad.

Here, Academy is a great tool to make sure that all employees – wherever they’re located – goes through the same training, and is equally prepared for new practices and campaigns as the employees geographically closest to the Head Office.  

Save time and money with Academy as your communication platform

With custom-made onboarding courses, easily accessible statistics and quick employee overviews, Academy can save you time and money when your company is spreading its wings. We have already translated the entire platform into for example English, German, Dutch and Chinese – and we’re excited to increase engagement in even more languages.

Training and e-learning

With Academy, you get an onboarding module that meets your needs. 

Knowledge sharing and communication

You can easily send messages and target news and content directly to the right employees.   

User data and HR tools

You get a quick overview of your employees, their training, engagement, etc.

Contact A Close Shave in Berlin (or in Copenhagen or London), if you need an overview during the busy days, and help with training your employees. We are of course mobile and can ensure a high standard anywhere in the world!

Willkommen aus Berlin!

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